Crazy Bird

Question: Hi Clinton; Years ago you used to sell a Crazy Bird Figure. It had turning head, moving mouth, flapping wings (winker, blinkers, and spitter). Kind of looked like a penquin. Johnny Main used to use one. It might have been made by Bill Boley. Do you know if any of them are available, or where I might find one? Thanks. Bob
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Answer: I do not know of anyone with a "Crazy Bird" for sale. If I was wanting one I guess I would just watch eBay...long shot. I was the person who designed the Bird. The building of the puppet was done by my Brother-in-law, Jay Yoder. Jay now resides in his heavenly home, so I guess if more were to be built it would once again be up to me. But there was just too much hand work involved to tempt me to build any more - at least not in that same manner. I will admit, the "Crazy Birds" were some of my favorite puppets. Clinton
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  1. Clinton, I always have to smile when someone writes about or talks about a "Crazy Bird." I wore out my first Crazy Bird and purchased a second one from you many, many years ago. I only use it in schools, cub scout programs, fairs and other "family" type shows ... but it's always been a hit. For cub scouts I actually take the puppet apart to show them how it's made out of a tin can head and plastic milk jug body. Then we talk about how they can go about making their own puppets out of household items. In my 30 plus years of being a vent, the Crazy Bird was one of my best purchases.

  2. Would you consider repairing/refurbishing a Crazy Bird?

  3. Maybe - it depends upon the repairs needed. Contact me here: mahertalk@aol.com