Tractor Fair

Adelia and I went to the Colorado State Fair this past week. Tractors always catch my eye, especially the red Farmall by International Harvester. The tractor in this picture was restored by a 4-H member. Very nicely done. My Dad started me driving our "tricycle" model (like the one on my shirt in this photo) Farmall tractor in the fields when I was 8 years old. Seems frighteningly young now, but that was pretty typical of that day and age. And I loved it.

It was raining the evening we took ththe above outdoor photo, so we took shelter in the 4-H building where as an old cake decorator I'm always drawn to the cake exhibits. Today's young gals (and a couple guys) display amazing talent with their sweet art! (This cake was the fifth place winner.)

I spotted Pinocchio in the Creative Arts building, surrounded by Blue ribbons...no wonder he's smiling!


  1. Anonymous9/06/2009

    Glad you had a great time Clinton. You both deserve it! Bill Smith

  2. Anonymous9/06/2009


    I, too, like antique tractors. I have the '49 Ford 8N that my paternal grandfather bought new. I use it to bushhog the back of our 2.5 acre lot.

    Best wishes,

  3. Anonymous9/07/2009

    I liked your antique tractor picture. Antique tractors are a big thing here in Central PA. Many of us remember our childhood days on the farm. A local week long fair hosted nearly 1000 antique tractors (including steam power) with daily parades, tractor square dancing, pulling contest, etc.