A request for advice

As many others have found, the economy has made it difficult for the unemployed to find work. However, God is faithful. During my time as pastor, I used ventriloquism in my children's messages. Recently, I performed as a ventriloquist in a local MADE IN OKLAHOMA festival, with my Aiden Malone and Festus D. Hayseed figures. This gave me the opportunity to pass out many business cards. Out of this came a call from a pastor to hire me to bring a Gospel ventriloquist show with one of my vent figures, with my lovely wife leading the music.

Our prayer is that this will lead to the opportunity to take our program to other churches.The pastor who hired us to come to his church is helping us to get publicity for the show. A flyer is being put in the local newspaper. It is being announced on the radio. My family and I are sending brochures with information about ourselves, the music we do (including the songs my oldest son writes),and my Gospel ventriloquist skits to other churches.

Are there other methods besides what we are now doing that could help in growing this ministry/career? Thank you for your prayers and advice.

Yours in Christ,
Russell Baker
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