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Hi Clinton,

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable time of refreshment and learning as I journeyed through the New millennium Course of Ventriloquism over the last few months. I have been in the field for the past 17 years. But I had never taken your Course until now. May I suggest to anyone out there if you haven't taken this Course and you want to improve your skills and learn some valuable information that you can't get anywhere else, take this wonderful Course. It is truly a gold mind! It will add nuggets of gold into your mind and make you even more creative in the Art of Ventriloquism!

Thank You so much for the New Millennium Course. I will continue to work with Ventriloquism in churches and hopefully the doors will open up soon for more Schools and the Libraries and where ever joy needs to be spread!

The character in this photo is Mr. Bad who originally was purchased from Maher Studios many years ago. Since then Mr. Bad has had a face lift you could say. (A brand new head was in desperate need.)
Blessings, Christine Campbell
"Creative Characters"


  1. Anonymous9/29/2009

    GREAT PHOTO!! Here's a thought. Why not a "Mr. or Mrs. Good" for the OTHER side?. Just a thought. Best of luck & God bless. W.S.

  2. I purchased Mahers home course on Ventriloquism I received my first certificate in a years time this is the second year and I am about to turn in the final portion of the course the reason for taking my time with the course is exactly that...I want to have it as a retirement present to myself...that is coming near...no not quite yet but near in the mean time i am enjoying this as a hobby i have performed a few times and have a few already set up for the holiday season soon to arrive...This is about the best course there is, and I have taken others as well from Lee Cornell's to Steve Taylors as well as dvds but the most important part of my course is missing a mentor, of which I now have in the assist if the wonderful Ventriloquist Al Good...as well as going to VentHaven Con and hopefully soon to Pete Michaels clinic..with all this great stuff behind me as well as in front of me, as I continue to write my well read blog Ventriloquially Yours... I am sure to make the kids happy with my vent....Thank you Clinton for your part in my scheme of things I hope one day to meet you and thank you personally.