Loss by fire

I receive many encouraging emails. And many that make me smile. Even those that are puzzling. I've shared some of them here. But periodically I receive an email that brings a tear to the eye. The following is such an example::

"Hello, Clinton. My daughter had a male doll she named Timmy. She used him during children's church, but back in April our church burned down and Timmy was in the church. She used him Easter morning in a skit she did about the resurrection of Jesus. She has never left him at church before but for some reason she did, so you can only imagine how distraught she was when she realized he was gone." Stacy

Stacy's daughter now has a new doll to work with. A female character. Losing a vent figure is in some ways like losing a beloved member of the family. Timmy can never be replaced so I believe they were wise to move on with a new character.


  1. Anonymous9/18/2009

    It seems to be no "accident" that only Jesus knows the success of resurrection for now. We get to know that freedom one day when we are caught with Him. Until then, we will use many "faces", "bodies",and "voices" to share that most important story. Glad to see the message was not silenced by a fire. It's needs to be shared. Perhaps Timmy will have influenced the message of his sibling sister and his character will shine again. God bless your daughter as "Timmy's" message filled mouth of his sister. I know that Joyous Blessing.

  2. Anonymous10/30/2009

    Dear Stacy, I too lost my first vent Danny to a house fire while serving as a missionary in Brazil. I just mention that "Danny is kind of burned up with me right now and probably will never speak to me again". I know how hard it is to lose one but let me say this, trust God and if He has not finished with you and your talent He Will provide you another "vent" to continue this ministry of reaching other children for Jesus. I know this to be a fact because children from the various churches where Danny had been through the years started sending offerings which allowed me to purchase DJ who is continuing to tell Bible stories both in Brazil and the USA. Just remember and trust Matthew 21:22 'And whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer believing ye shall recieve". May God bless you as you use your new vent to share the Gospel message with others. Jerry L. Lantz, Missionary to Brazil