Help needed here, please.

Question: "I am looking for something on the subject of "bullying" do you have anything on that subject."
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Answer: No, I have no material specifically addressing the subject of "bullying". Any suggestions, tips, dialogues, from anyone? Send them to mahertalk@aol.com and I'll post them here. Thank you.



  1. Anonymous9/14/2009

    Can you give SOME sort of a clue as to just what "bullying" IS??? {OTHER than what I put up with in school! HA!}. I've never heard this term, but maybe I know it by some other name. W.S.

  2. Anonymous9/14/2009

    Plase disregard my last post. Don't know WHERE my head was! I somehow got the mitaken impresion you were talking about some TECHNIQUE that was called "bullying". OOPS! Well, I work in a nursing home where they have altzhiemers, SO, I guess I'VE got "SOMETIMERS"! HA! W.S.