Deadline passed?

Mr. Detweiler,

I took your Course several years ago. I completed and turned in the quizzes, but realized only recently that I never took the final test. Is it possible to find mercy for my oversight and allow that final test so I can hang that certificate proudly in my office?

I have used the principles I have learned from your Course for over ten years now. I am a children's minister and Sunday school teacher with a passion for allowing my imagination to run wild in an effort to bring the Word of God to life every week.

May God bless you for all your diligence in sharing your gifts with the world!

God bless,
Rev. Craig Hedges
* * * * *
Rev. Hedges: I've always stated there is no deadline for completing the Course - so while I am now retired, I've continued to fulfill that promise and will do so as long as I am able. Yes, send the final exam to the address on the exam (PO box 420, Littleton CO 80160). I'm excited and encouraged to know you continue to use ventriloquism in your ministry! Clinton Detweiler

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