Custom License plate

Question: Clinton, Do you have any idea who makes license plates with "vent" sayings on them...such as "I talk to myself", etc?
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Answer: Are you referring to actual legal license plates? Those would have to come from your state's motor vehicle department. In Colorado we are required to have a state plate on both the front and rear bumper. So we have no license plate option other than those offered by the official licensing bureau. (I had the Colorado personalized plate "TALK42" for several years.) Some states do not require a front bumper licence plate, in which case a person can be more creative. I've seen vendors at the state fair who sell a huge variety of novel plates, including those they will custom make plates to individual wishes. And then, of course, there is the option of displaying some sort of a license frame with creative names or short sayings. Have you tried a Google search for a provider? Surely someone is offering such items. Clinton

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