Weird & ugly puppets

Request: Could you redo this figure for me? Please go against the grain and totally put me on the map for the ugliest, coolest most unique puppets out there please.
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Response: While it's indirect, I just have to say one thing in response to your above comment - I don't know of one single ventriloquist who made it "big time" because of his or her puppets. It's the skill of the ventriloquist who makes the puppets a success - not the other way around. Turn out the lights on Jeff Dunham's show, force him to perform in the dark, and he would still be totally entertaining. Silly and weird puppets will only take you to the first level - it will be up to you and your creative skills to take the puppets beyond that point. Do you know of ventriloquist Steve Brubaker? Stephen and Other Dummies. Now there's an entertaining act with totally silly and weird puppets unmatched by anyone performing today! But again, it's the imaginative creative talent of the ventriloquist that makes the act successful - not the puppets. Put those puppets in another performer's hands and the audience would be in danger of walking out. Just some thoughts. Clinton


  1. Anonymous8/05/2009


    I would that this would be true of Christians. While we know we would be nothing without Christ, too many of us think our cleaver, attractive, and winsome ways are the success of the Kingdom. When all along the message of Christ, "And I if I be lifted up will draw all men unto me" is the successful story. Great posting to remind we dreaming newer vents.

  2. Clinton, you are dead on -- it's not about the tools, but instead about how a true artist/craftsman employs those tools that matters.