"There'll be a change in me..."

This doll arrived at my shop door one gender and ethnicity, but at the request of the owner, left changed in both categories (see photo). "Boy, oh, howdy!" Quite attractive, actually.
* * * * *
Now, this just in from the owner: I just received "Charleen" today, She is cute!! Thank you for the new clothing too. I would like her to have a southern accent, I know I purchased a Norwegian accent info from you once, I was wondering if you might have a southern accent course too?
Thanks so much, John

* * * * *
The Accent Course referred to was provided by actor's accent coach and instructor, David Alan Stern, PhD. Mr. Stern does indeed, sell a Course on how to develop a Southern Accent for stage:

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  1. Wow you really offer a great service, sex changes too LOL ;-)