Clinton's Creations - Photo album

I have a new photo album page now that will features many of the novelty puppets I have built over the years. I think you will enjoy it. I know I'm enjoying the memories! A dozen or so characters are posted now with some background information about each puppet; several dozen more characters will follow over the next few weeks.

Click Here: Clinton's Creations

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  1. Anonymous8/23/2009


    I'm really enjoying the trip back! I remember seeing some of the Items you are posting in your catalogs & "Newsy Vents" I've gotten from you since the late 70's. I REALLY like the talking book! Think I'll try making one, since you say it's ok, to use in library shows. NOTHING against Axtell, because they DO put out awsome items, but I personally like your book better. the face on the Axtell I can see maybe being a tad scary for little ones. That's just MY opinion, & I may be STUPID for thinking like that! Wouldn't be the FIRST time! HA! Thanks again. Bill Smith