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Question: I read your today's post and found that you make wigs and you have a pattern of wig also. If possible, will you please give me pattern of wig and tell me how to make a wig? It will help me a lot.
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Answer: Well, it doesn't work quite that way. Each different character or head requires it's own individual wig pattern. I use felt cloth to make my patterns. The patterns are two piece (minimum). The first (and primary piece) wraps around the head from temple to temple. And the second piece goes on top to cover the area not covered by the primary unit.

I make the pattern truly by trial and error. I tape (using masking tape) a piece of felt to the head (wrapped from the left temple around the back of the head until it reaches the right temple). Then I carefully use a scissors to snip and cut (taping the pattern in place as I fit it to the head) until the felt properly covers every part of the head that I want covered with hair. Then I remove the piece, lay the felt pattern on a piece of fur fabric (remembering which is the inside that will be glued to the head), mark around the pattern with chalk, cut out that piece and glue it to the head. (I use hot glue and try to only sparingly glue edges only.)

It is only after the first piece of "hair" is in place on the head that I can see the remaining area to be covered. This is when I make the second piece of the felt wig pattern. It is done in much the same way as I made the first.

It is only after both "hair" pieces are in place that I comb, style, and trim the wig.

Sorry, but because of the steps involved it is not practical to try to sell either pre-cut patterns or wigs.

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