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From Larry Youngberg: "I am progressing quite fast because I have studied other books about ventriloquism and much of the material is things I have learned from other sources as well as the workshops at the VentHaven convention which I will be attending. Bart and I will even be performing in the senior open mike. Before I purchased the Course I was wondering if it would be of any value because I had studied many books and videos before. Well, just the parts about pronouncing the labials is worth the price. I have improved my diction and lip control quite a bit, although I still have a lot of practicing to do. I have found that learning one B word does not mean you can say another B word. They all have to be learned separately. I have also found that when practicing in front of a mirror my lip control is better than when I video tape myself. That's probably because I am concentrating more with the mirror."
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From Clinton: Yes, it is easier to have good lip control when watching one's self in the mirror. Pretty much your entire focus is upon your lips. That is why I believe video practice is so important. The video lets you see yourself as the audience sees you. And it's not just lip control, but all manner of movement and gestures - both yours and those you provide the puppet. You goal is to learn to control your lips as well when performing for the video as you do for the mirror. It IS more difficult but absolutely worth the extra effort. Good luck with your performance!
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