New Puppet ode ~ Newly composed

From the Rockies to north of Superior I came,
But when I left "mile high" I still had no name.
High over all the mid-west I flew
The chief pilot was Wilfred, and I thought,
"That will do".

So I chatted with him,and with some of the crew;
They agreed with each other,
Saying, "That name's for you".
To arrive in Northwest Ontario's silly
If you haven't a name,
Go with "Wilfred", or "Willy".
It could even be "Will", like that old fellow Rogers.
(Wasn't he a fan of the old Brooklyn Dodgers"?)

In my new case I flew safely, but appreciate most
That the Captain of the plane wasn't named "Wiley Post"!
Now John and I'll practise to take on these folks
As Clinton has told us, with stories and jokes.
And when we're both ready, we'll know the time's right
To bring cheer and laughter, and make faces bright.
Thank you Clinton and Adelia for all that you've done
To make me so special - now, "On with the fun"!

(Thanks John*, for typing this for me.)

*Canon John Jordan

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