40 years!

Tomorrow, August 1st, marks the 40th
anniversary of the date we* purchased
Maher School of Ventriloquism from
Madeleine Maher.
*Clinton & Adelia Detweiler
At the time we purchased the Maher business I was employed outside the home full time so I had only evenings and weekends to try to get the fledgling business off the ground. We had three children of elementary and middle school ages. Adelia handled the office work while the kids were in school. Our tiny three room house of less than 1,ooo sq. ft. plus one basement bedroom was already crowded. One wall of our bedroom became the office. The kitchen table was our packing/mailing department. I had no shop. Just an aging single car unheated detached garage with its back wall off the foundation. It was into this setting we moved the Maher business. Oh, one more thing - Adelia was 8 months pregnant! Oh, the advantages of youth, when enthusiasm can sometimes successfully out measure common sense. Seems like yesterday (thankfully it was not)!


  1. Congrats - 40 years! Wow. You should be proud of your legacy.

  2. Anonymous8/01/2009

    It is a notworthy accomplishment--not only for you as an artist (which you are) but as a mentor and friend to ventriloquists all over the world.
    Thank you for all you've done for us.

    Montana's Santa
    Mediocre Magic & Ventriloquy

  3. Winkle and Wags8/01/2009

    What an achievement to be proud of. I can't think of anyone that's spent 40 years with dummies that wasn't in Congress. Congratulations to you both! I doubt that the contributions you've made to the art of vent can be accurately measured; they're so vast and varied. Again, congrats ... and thank you. Thanks so very much.