While I was assembling another supply of Maher Courses last week, I was thinking back over the years I've been doing this job (with the help of Adelia and others). "I think we've been doing this TWICE as long as the Maher's", I mused.

Not quite, I discovered when checking dates. Fred Maher copyrighted his 30 Lesson Maher Home Study Course of Ventriloquism in 1948. We purchased the school in 1969. 21 years for the Maher's.

We've made the Maher Course continuously available 1969 to today. 40 years for the Detweiler's! That's not quite twice as long as the founders, but almost!

Side note: The days for the little yellow smiley face "pocket puppets" you see in the Maher Course boxes are numbered. The manufacturer's rep called to tell us a minimum order of 1,000 is now required, far more than I will ever need. So when my dwindling current supply is exhausted, that will be the end of "Percy's" era. It was fun for the many years it lasted.

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