Question: I received my 30 Lesson Study Course on Friday and can't put it down. I am on Lesson 10 and find it so interesting, that I am going back to it as soon as I finish here. I am not a quick witted person, and I was wondering if one can learn wit. Do you necessarily have to be born with that trait as part of your personality and character? I think it would come in handy with my dummy.
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Answer: Some people do seem to be more quick witted than others. But I think it is both a personality trait and a learned skill - more of the latter, I believe. Those people who demonstrate quick wit are simply more practiced. I do believe any person can sharpen their wit through practice and exercise. And what better way to do that than through ventriloquism? You will surprise yourself with some of the quick and witty comments your puppet will make at times...it's as if he says things before you even think of them. As you become more familiar with working with him, quick clever comments, will come from him more frequently - some planned and prepared, and some totally spontaneous. I predict you will surprise and impress others with your wit - and even yourself! Dale Brown also addresses this subject in his book, Making It Up As You Go. (I do have it in stock. $6.00 PP)

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