Visit to the dentist

When Philip Notaro sent me this picture (left) asking if I could add upper teeth to "Frank", I gave him a conditional affirmative answer. The question in my mind was about the amount of space between the lower lip and lower teeth. Would there be enough room to carve a grove for any upper teeth to fit into with the mouth closed? Difficult to tell from a photo.

Philip sent "Frank" to me, and after seeing the mouth firsthand, I decided the uppers could be added. Today I put on my "Dentist" hat and went to work. (Top photo)

Coincidentally, while I was working on "Frank", I received a text message from our granddaughter, Nicole, who had just finished with an appointment with her dentist. "I hate it when my mouth is numb," she wrote. I texted her back: "You're lucky -- I'm working on a dummy's teeth right now and I didn't numb him at all." "LOL" was Nicole's quick reply (although I doubt she was smiling).

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  1. Anonymous6/02/2009

    He looks great! I can not wait to see him after you paint him.