Maher "heaven"?

From Ron Scherer: I just found a couple of pics taken back about 1990 of the entry room of the house. All those figures lined up sitting on the shelves. Wow that was so GREAT. I thought I had seen "heaven." We really enjoyed our visit with you both.
* * * * * *

The photos below are file photos of a portion of our "entry room" from the 1980s.


  1. Anonymous6/21/2009

    Have you ever looked back at how many Lovik figures were sold through Maher Studios?

  2. Payton H.8/21/2010

    I love Maher studios, I see in one photo Mortimer Snerd, WC Fields, and Groucho Marx (two of the three I have)and I was wondering are the the pro type "standard?" ventriloquism rocks!!!!