Bringing up ventriloquists

I received an email from Pearce Columb who told me how much his very young children were enjoying his ventriloquist puppets. So much so that he is planning to get them started as ventriloquists when they are a just a few years older. Pearce wrote the following.

"My children have an old Charlie McCarthy and Carol Channing with Pull string that they play with now. I was thinking when they are 6 I will get one of the ones I see your granddaughter holding in the E-Bay pics. Then at 8 or 9 I will give my deluxe figure to my son, Jude, and I will get another one from you. Its funny. I am not even that great at it. But when I make Billy talk they go Bananas! They look at him and talk directly to him like they believe he is in there! 3 1/2 years old - It's like a Magic age for kids. So much fun. "

I think Pearce has a good plan to introduce and encourage his children. They now have play dummies to work with and talk with which is important. And he will be able to offer them incentive for pursuing their involvement in ventriloquism. Successful ventriloquism is a result of a good and creative imagination. Imagination seems to come naturally to a child, so that is the very best time for them to begin to put it to use. Almost all the professional ventriloquists I have met began their involvement in ventriloquism as a child/youth. I don't believe it's a coincidence.

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