Bird rescue

It was nearly 11 years ago when we sold and moved from the house on Littleton Blvd that had been our home for nearly three decades. Many of you visited us during those years. The house now has yet another new owner and is undergoing a major renovation inside and out. When we moved in 1998, one of the items we left behind was a large wooden woodpecker made by Adelia's father, Alvin Yoder. The wooden bird was mounted in the highest gable of the house where it remained - until yesterday. The new owner was preparing to repaint the house when we drove by the place. Anticipating that the woodpecker would be discarded, we stopped by and with the owner's permission, a bird rescue was performed.

Now the question is, where can we remount the bird (after refinishing) here at our current home? Ours is covenant controlled community which frowns upon such creative expression when placed in public view! We'll think of something.


  1. Anonymous6/10/2009

    Perhaps the bird could oversee your crafting in the workshop or garage, keeping an eye on the healing you give to injured vent friends. I appreciated that even the bird gets restored, like we will one day in Heaven.

  2. Ron Scherer6/13/2009

    Just found a couple of pics taken back about 1990 of the entry room of the house. All those figures lined up sitting on the shelves. Wow that was so GREAT. I thought I had seen "heaven." We really enjoyed our visit with you both.