Stuffed animal to vent puppet conversion

Clinton: Thank you for the wonderful information you have shared with all of us in the past 4 years. I am sure that there will be much more to share. I have a question - I have some stuffed animals I would like to turn into puppets, do you know anyone who has the capabilities to do it or is it really worth the endeavor. One is a mid size brown 100th anniversary bear and the other is a large duck, both will need to have the mouth opened and made to work, and I guess some stuffing would need to be removed and the body relined. Hope you or someone you know has some ideas as to how to go about it.
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Answer: To answer this question properly would take more details than I have at hand, but generally speaking, it is not cost effective to convert a stuffed animal into a vent puppet if you have to pay someone to do it. But if you can do it yourself, then that's a different story. I say this because from experience I know I can build a couple ventriloquist figures (such as those you can see here ) in less time than it would take me to convert a stuffed animal into a vent figure. But, I can't expect anyone to pay the cost of two figures for one stuffed animal conversion. So, while I've done it for my own pleasure, I don't offer such a service. Nor, unfortunately, do I know anyone who does. Clinton

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  1. Anonymous5/27/2009

    Barbara Dewey has a series of videos on making vent puppets from stuffed animals on youtube. She also has a complete video course on making soft puppets -- and ventriloquism techniques -- on her website: www.christiannewsletters.com
    I've used the information and directions and found them very helpful.
    Montana's Santa
    aka Mediocore Magic & Ventriloquy