Quick change artist!

Question: Hello Clinton: I was wondering, could I purchase just the head of another figure with the lever controls and transpose it onto the body of my present figure so that it appears to the audience that I have another vent figure?
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Answer: Yes, I can sell you the head only. But the savings may not be as great as you would imagine since the majority of the work required to build a vent figure goes into the building of the head. Generally the cost of the head only is about 75% the cost of a complete figure. Interestingly enough, it has been my experience that ventriloquists more frequently purchase bodies only. I know vents who have two and three bodies for one figure (and I am one of them). The reason is quite practical, actually. It saves a great deal of time when changing clothes on a figure ... one body can be dressed formally, one casually, one in costume, etc. To change clothes, just move the head to another pre-dressed body!

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