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Question: I'm taking your Maher Course to re-learn vent after 20 years absence. The first time around I had an overbite and used "the clenched teeth" with no lip movement. This time with different teeth, and no overbite, I'm having lip control problems. When I use the
Ventrilo-aid, of course I have no problem, but without it I have slight jaw wobble. Could it be that I need to practice more extensively with the Ventrilo-aid until the jaw muscle memory kicks in, before I try it without the aid ? Or should I still try practicing some with and some without and hope the muscle memory will eventually take hold? It seems like I keep trying to go back to the "clench", which I want to unlearn. I want to master lip control before I move on. Thanks, Tom
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Answer: Clenched teeth" steadies the jaw more than lips. You'll need to determine if the lip movement is lip movement only, or if the lips move as a partial reaction to some jaw movement. I suspect a 20 year layoff is a factor as well. I really don't have any secret advice which will instantly solve the movement. I did once hear from a vent who had his dentist make a temporary crown which he could slip over a molar. It was higher then the other teeth which allowed him to clamp his jaw, yet leaving the teeth parted slightly in the front! That's a bit extreme, I believe. (I'd fear I'd sneeze, choke on the crown and have still lips forever!)

Better just to continue your practice until you can train your jaw muscles to be obedient. I suggest you move forward in the lessons while continuing your practice in this specific area. Clinton

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  1. Paul Stadelman in his book "TV Ticklers" said he had a tooth cap made like that used for awhile.