Drinking while speaking

Question: I am very fascinated when I see a ventriloquist drink while his figure speaks. Is there a secret to this act? Is there a booklet on how it is done? In one of the booklets, I remember you referring to the figure drinking from a trick cup/glass, but I couldn't find anything regarding the Ventriloquist drinking while his figure spoke. Don't laugh, but I tried it and almost choked in the process. Is this truly a possible feat?
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Answer: How does a ventriloquist drink while his figure speaks? Okay, that's a loaded question for a public blog, because common sense tells us no one can drink and speak simultaneously - physically, that is impossible. So, it's safe to say the ventriloquist is creating an illusion using trickery of some sort. But if I explain here how it is done, I'll hear from fellow vents who would not approve of me exposing trade secrets. So here's what I'll do - Since you are a student of the Maher Course, I'll privately send you a brief "how-to" if you promise to tell no one other than your fellow ventriloquists. Break that promise and you will be destined to choke on any attempt at performing the "drinking bit." :-)

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