Custom Carrying Cases

Questions: I need one new Vent Case. What is the price of medium size case, and what interior colors do you have? What is the price of large size case, and what interior colors do you have? The local vents here all tell me to buy largest size case; but I've bought both the medium case from you for a Selberg figure, and one large case for a vintage figure and they fit fine. Do you think I want the medium case, and if yes, what interior colors available? What is best way for me to order this from you? Mail you order with check, or use Pay Pal or ??? Thanks again. I think your cases are first rate! Tom
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Answer: I'm going to guess you'll need the medium (#355) case, but the only way to know for certain would be to measure the folded length of the figure itself. You'll find measurements of the custom cases that I stock, with descriptions, photos, and prices here: http://maherstudios.blogspot.com/2008_11_01_archive.html#882502278915460187

Standard lining colors: red, blue, or purple. (I could provide other colors, but there would be a $15.00 surcharge.) Cost of shipping is included in the price. Check or Paypal is fine, but the quickest and easiest way to pay would be PayPal. I could send you a PayPal invoice once you've made your selection. Clinton

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