Comment: Hello, Clinton. Nice to see that "great minds" not only think alike but also drive alike. I've had three PT Cruisers. Judging from the latest news, I guess we'd better take good care of the ones we have as there may not be any more! PS --Your cases, lined up placed on end, fit perfectly in the back cargo area. (I, of course, make sure the figures' heads are "up.")Steve Engle
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Reply: Steve: Of all the vehicles I've owned in my lifetime, the PT Cruiser is the first I've really enjoyed. (This is my second.) And now, like you, I've heard on the news Chrysler will discontinue them. Well, I'm going to drive this one I have until the only appropriate place left to drive it is in parades with the local vintage Cruiser Club! As for hauling cases, with the back seat folded up, I've had 12 cases in mine at one time and there was still room for a couple more. Love that car! Clinton

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