This week I have the following books listed for eBay auctions (ending Monday). All books are like new, mint condition:

Adventures In The Vent Trade
Audience Tested Dialogues
Banquet Performing
Church Chuckles (signed)
Classic Comedy Dialogues
Enlightening & Entertaining Gospel Dialogues
Fractured Nursery Rhymes (best seller)
From The Beginning To The Hawg Slopper
Gramps and Granny Giggles Vol. 2
Granny's Jots And Tittles
Holiday Adventures
More Church Chuckles (signed)
More Warm Fuzzies
My Favorite Routines
My Feelings Are Showing
Safety Dialogues Vol. 1
Safety Dialogues Vol. 2
Safety Dialogues Vol. 3
School Talk For Dummies
Short Bible Routines Vol. 1
Short Bible Routines Vol' 2
The Bible Tells Me So
Ventriloquism From A-V (Excellent)
Ventriloquism In A Nutshell (signed)
Ventriloquism Revealed (signed)
111 Ways Tor Use Ventriloquism In Church

A complete detailed description of the contents of each book is posted on each individual listing along with an image of the book's cover. To see all my current eBay listings, including the above books,

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  1. Anonymous4/17/2009


    When I was in college, the library would sell discarded books from their collection on Wednesday. They called it the "Wonderful Wednesday Book Sale." Because you list vent books for sale on e-bay each Wednesday, I think of this as your "Wonderful Wednesday Book Sale."