Redoy Puppet?

Dear Clinton, I recently purchased a vintage Ventriloquist puppet. The lady I purchased him from said he was approximately 30 years old and was made by Redoy Puppets. He is 32" tall, his mouth opens and closes, his eyebrows move up and down and his eyes wink. I was told he has been in storage for 30 years and he was never used. In fact, he still had his hairnet on when I received him. I read on your site that you upgrade vintage puppets. Since his eyes are painted and do not move from side to side, could his eyes be updated with newer more realistic eyes that move from side to side? I have always wanted to learn Ventriloquism so I plan on using him to learn the Art of Ventriloquism.
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From Clinton: The vent figure was made by Redoy Puppets, a business that was owned by my Brother-in-Law, Jay Yoder. ("Redoy" is "Yoder" spelled backwards.) Because the head on the figure is painted, and I did all the painting, this figure would have been a cooperative effort between Jay and myself. Finding him still unused some 30 years after being built is very unusual - if only he could talk! I'd love to hear his story. Yes, I can replace the current eyes with realistic side-to-side eyes. And from the looks of those "toothpick" ankles, I'd suggest replacing current legs with new legs with more lifelike shape and substance. And that hair - wow - appears to need a haircut more than a hairnet. I'll take care of that, too.

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