Quadri-Puppet (the truth)

When I took this photo in my shop last week I thought to myself, "Wow - that looks like a vent figure's body with four arms!" After getting a chuckle out of the sight myself, I decided April 1 would be the perfect day to post the photo on my blog. Hopefully you saw through the ruse.

Actually, in my small shop where space is a premium, I stacked these two bodies in such a way that I could paint the hands and allow the paint to dry while the hands on both bodies were hanging totally free. Ideally I'd prefer to paint hands before they are fastened to the arms, but that's seldom the case when refurbishing a figure. So I have to get a bit creative...this time it was convenient to simply stack them! :-) Photo below: The body on the left was built by Chuck Jacksom. The one on the right is by Rick Price.

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  1. Thanks for the explaination, I thought you lost it!