My early shop

When we held our Detweiler family reunion last Fall, our family group took a Saturday excursion to visit the farm where our parents lived from 1949 until their death in 1972. Located one mile east of Harper, Kansas on US160 hwy, this was where I lived my teen years. What a delight to meander the grounds and explore the vacated outbuildings! The building shown above was simply called the "granary" because of the inside grain storage bins that lined the full left side of the building. But it was the small lean-to portion of the building on the right that was my favorite - that was our "Shop" where I spent many hours working on a variety of projects, some farm related and others more diverse, such as the magic equipment needed for my magic acts. While I never built a ventriloquist figure there (or even thought of doing so), I was unknowingly developing skills that would eventually be put to that use. Great memories!

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  1. Since I grew up in the same community I recognize the buildings shown in the photographs. It always seemed to me that your parents lived there since the beginning of time. I was surprized to learn that it was 1949 instead.