From Ryan Bomgardner:

Hey Clinton, You built my character years ago and Jeffrey has done a lot of shows (more than I could possibly count!) since then. 2 questions for you if I may.

1) Where can I get Jeffrey some new eyelashes? He could use some.
2) Jeffrey’s one string to his moving eyes ripped somewhere in the middle (and I’d like to fix it before this upcoming weekend if possible). I think I can replace it myself (if not you’ll be hearing from me!!!!) and I wondered what kind of string I should use.

Thanks for your help. On a separate note, I’m sure you’ve met a lot of people over the years and won’t remember this ‘little boy’ who took the Course. Well the ‘little boy’ is now 25, and I’m pleased to say that this is now my full time job. I’ve been doing about 120-130 shows/year around the US for the last several years. Thanks for all your help in getting me started! I’ll look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Ryan

* * * * *
From Clinton: Now there's a handsome pair! Thanks for sending the photo. We love hearing from past customers and getting updates on their careers. Very encouraging to us!

While we sold the vent figure to you, he was actually built by Keith Lovik. I may have wigged it as I did that on many of the figures Keith built. (Looking closely at it, I even wonder if you may have fit it with his current wig? Looks great.) You can purchase replacement eyelashes in the cosmetic department of your local Walgreens (or similar). I use ordinary household cement (Duco) to glue them in place, using a toothpick to position the eyelash. You could also use Elmer's white glue - it just takes a little longer to dry.

The string used on the figure is a heavy weight nylon braided fishing line. You could also use BRAIDED nylon mason's line. To gain access to the head when the wig has been glued on, I use a Xacto knife with convex blade (#124 blade) to work the wig loose, starting at the nape of the neck and working up over the head until the "door" in the back of the head is totally exposed. Usually it is not necessary to take the wig loose at the sideburns or over the forehead which makes it much easier to put back in place. If the wig is stapled on, simply pull whatever staples necessary. (Use the same Xacto knife to cut the glue seam that holds the door in place.) If I can be of further assistance, let me know. Keep them smiling and don't be a stranger! Clinton

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