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Question: I was looking at the "old" Newsy Vents site, and noted the archives have been removed. I find these files as an excellent term of reference, and now nothing. Where can I access these? Regards, Doug (Cape Town, South Africa)
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Doug: The Newsy Vents archives have been deleted. They (or a portion of them) may be revived in some manner at some future date, but that is yet to be determined. It is my blog policy that any contribution to my blog will be used on the blog only and the rights will always remain the property of the contributor. This will, of course, be a factor in any decision regarding the archives future fate. Thank you for your comments. Clinton


  1. I also have gone to look up some GREAT tid-bits you had listed in you archives, I am sad they are no longer there why can't you keep them there or make it a special section of your NEW Blog? Drop a few in as you go, make it a looking back section. One favorite tip I used was the use of pipe covers to make the legs of my figure stay straight and look more realistic under pants! The History value alone is something to also consider there were so many pages of interesting information. Plus the readers stories were an extra Bonus!
    SAVE the Archives!

  2. Anonymous3/02/2009


    You are welcome to repost any of the information about me or my activities that was posted on NewsyVents.

    Allen Fuller

  3. Your archives are like resources that can be very useful to the new ventriloquist. I gained alot of useful info and insight from reading back in the history of the archives, and enjoyed it immensely, as well. As a beginner, your archives were so valuable; I'd like to see other beginners be able to access the information. I hope you can figure out a way to access the archives from your new sight. Thanks. Sandi

  4. I have been able to cull many a fine historical tidbit from your archieves and wanted to take this time to say that I for one am sad and sorry that it no longer will be continued...but onward and upward Clinton, I know you have great stuff in store for all us vent history buffs...Thanks again for those memories...