Luke's arrival in Bavaria

From Lugge and Jackl

Clinton,: Finally Luke arrived in Germany after a long trip over the ocean. He smiled at me immediately. We have been quite surprised that Luke could speak our language from the beginning. He immediately spoke Bavarian without accent and he - which is the most important - felt, and still feels, really comfortable in our family. Now he lives near Munich and he is looking forward to the Oktoberfest and some events in the 'HofbrÀuhaus' in Munich. Every day he says, that he is quite excited and can't wait.

Furthermore Luke approved a little name change: In Bavaria Luke is called 'Luggi'. After changing his clothes (now he wears the typical bavarian 'Lederhose') he now looks like a real Bavarian guy.

I am sure that we will keep you posted about the further approach. Kind Regards from Bavaria-Germany.

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