Insuring a figure

Question: When I ship "Cousin Zeke" to you for repainting, how much do you suggest for insurance?
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Answer: That's a difficult question because it would not be possible to replace the figure you have with an exact duplicate at any price. That figure is no longer being made. A similar size figure with same animations would cost $1,000 or more I'd estimate. But it would be a different character built by a different figure maker. In nearly 40 years of shipping literally thousands of figures, I've only had one lost in transit, so the risk of loss is low. However, insuring a parcel (for even a low amount), or adding "Delivery Confirmation" does add an element security and handling care, I believe. Use a sturdy carton, plenty of bubble wrap (or other cushioning material), seal all edges and flaps well, and make certain the address on the package or label is clearly legible, with label secured and protected with clear sealing tape. It is more likely a parcel will be damaged or lost as a result of poor packaging/labeling than improper handling.

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