Adelia has always wanted a Harley. Santa brought her one for Christmas last year.

I've been waiting to sneak this picture in ... all that snow yesterday sorta put me in the Winter holiday spirit for a moment, I guess.

This animated musical Santa on his red bike has now taken up permanent residence at the end of our kitchen counter where before breakfast most mornings his recorded voice will be heard throughout our house singing a song with words that include:
"....need to get out on the highway -
gonna do things my way,
Born to be wild..."

When I hear him singing I know Santa and Adelia are telling me two things. 1) Adelia is ready to go down to the local coffee shop for our usual morning coffee and breakfast visit with the other regulars that gather there, but first, 2) It's time for me to drop whatever I'm doing at the moment and go help make the bed. (Yep - that's us - "Born to be wild!" :-)

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