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Question: I have a soft rabbit puppet that I used to use a show a few seasons ago. That was before I started to learn ventriloquism so he didn’t do any speaking in the show. I’ve had a lot of kids ask about him, so I dug him out to try to give him a new speaking role for a future show…except that he’s filthy! It’s amazing what a summer of festivals will do to a white puppet! Do you have any tips on cleaning it? I had two of this puppet, and tried to clean one of them, but his mouth, which is red, bled all over the white fur. So I have only one left, and I’m hoping you might have some “secret puppet cleaning knowledge”. Louie
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Louie: On this matter I have no "secret" knowledge. Truth is, I don't have a tried and tested method for cleaning the fur of a soft puppet. I do recall that a puppet maker once told me she brushed the fur of soiled puppets with baby diaper wipes to clean them. She insisted it worked. But I haven't tried it. So if you do, start on an inconspicuous spot. Do any of you readers have a suggestion for Louie? Your comments are welcome. C.D.
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Dan Willinger writes: To clean the puppet, a spray on carpet cleaner works wonders. Spray it on let dry and brush off. Works perfectly and will not harm the fur of the puppet.

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  1. Bill Biles2/15/2009

    Windex Spray. spray lightly and wipe with soft cloth.
    Bill Biles