"Drat! I'm still living with Mr. D. today. And I came soooo close to making a move*! When Nicole successfully spelled her way into a spell off for third place, I was ready to go pack myself in my suitcase!

"Who knew 'megatonnage' required a double 'n'? And 'analgesic'? Even Clinton had to use spell check on that one! The words being dished out in those finalist rounds were causing headaches to participants and spectators alike. You could of sold analgesics by the megatonnage! My head was splitting - and when you are a dummy, that's not a good thing....

"You did great, Nicole. And it's not over, either. You're going to State finals! Congratulations!

"Hey, Clinton ... Can Nicole and I talk to you about the upcoming Colorado State Spelling Bee finals, March 14th? Have we got a deal for you...."

(*See post below.)


  1. Great Job Nicole ! Go for the Gold! You can do it! You can't lose. Grandpa's an old softie.

  2. Anonymous2/19/2009

    Oh, yes Grandpa!!! We do have a deal for you! I must say that I did pretty well for spelling words like advantageous and nonchalance. I will try my hardest to get Clark still!

    And, thank you. I can't wait until State!